5 Awesome Examples of Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is crisp and clean with its patterns, shapes and lines to intrigue our minds. It’s both honest and romantic. It tells a story, a story of love, feeling and life. It holds our attention, makes us want to see beyond the surface and flashy colors won’t get in the way of our imagination. Below, we’ve gathered 5 amazing monochrome shots that, surely, will impress you with their clean, gentle but really gorgeous execution. There is something enigmatic about black and white photography that you just can’t get from the color.


Black and white effect is a perfect solution for baby photo.



Pay attention to a visual trail by blurring in front and behind the snails.

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The silhouettes are so anonymous so it could be everyone. Really gorgeous and outstanding photograph.


Ben Heine

This black and white photo of amazing landscape brings a sense of an untold story that can be interpreted by the viewer.

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Ansel Adams

One of the most famous contemporary black and white photographers. Classic!