5 Outstanding Minimalist Typography Examples

Typography is a powerful tool to convey the message to a reader in an effective way. We are always looking for beautiful and engaging typography or try to create it ourself. This kind of art plays a really important role in our works. With the help of this gorgeous technique we can make our designs really outstanding and memorable. The roundup below features excellent minimalist examples of typography, so you have a perfect opportunity to familiarize with them. Hopefully, you’ll find some interesting elements and new design solutions for you future design projects. Relish the post and get inspiration!

Saks Valentine

This charming heart was created for Saks Fifth Avenue, for Valentine’s Day. It contains a number of hidden words related to the occasion.

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The Zebra Eye

Contrast is a fundamental pillar in art and design. the Zebra Eye by ~fuzzyzebra uses the Zebra metaphor in splendid detail and fashion!

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Happy Holidays and Wishes

Very nice and lovely glyphs.


I miss you

This is an amazing piece of art! It’s so beautiful and full of emotions. Really incredible creation by devils-horizont.

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Switch blade stuck in the moon

A strong piece of art. The colors say a lot.