Showcase of 5 Effective T-shirt design tutorials

T-shirts play a big part in the design world. This kind of clothes is a basic necessity in everyday living.
Designers try to do their best in creating really stunning t-shirt designs. They use new techniques and styles to build up a perfect and unique artwork. In this post you’ll find an amazing collection of 5 effective t-shirt design tutorials for those who are finding ways and means to create the outstanding t-shirt design!

How to Design a T-Shirt on a Budget and a Tight Deadline – this tutorial does breeze by at a pretty brisk pace, but doesn’t require a black belt in Illustrator-jutsu.


Create a Custom T-Shirt Stencil Design – create a low-cost, low-tech T-shirt using a digitally designed stencil.

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Easy Color Separations for Screen-Printing in Photoshop – explains the process of screen printing and how it all works.

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How to Create Awesome T-Shirt Mock-Ups like Jimiyo – useful tips on how to create a really awesome T-shirt design.

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CMYK Process Printing for the Emerging T-Shirt Designer – learn how to mix existing resources to create a good composition.

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